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About Us

Welcome to our all new E-Cig Clubhouse online store, where our vision is to help people like you and me quit smoking or chewing. We are here to offer the best quality products and the best customer service around. We strongly believe customer service is everything. Without it you don't have customers and without customers you don't survive.
We have been in business since April 1st of 2013. Due to increased business, we have relocated to an even bigger and better store where we could really offer that genuine “Clubhouse” feel we felt we were missing.
We have a huge selection of Minnesota Juices (over 200), and we carry many of your favorite devices from some of the biggest companies. With cabinets filled with Mods, Tanks, Rebuildables, and Accessories… you name it, we have it!  You will be mesmerized by all the different, cool, and exciting things that are available in the market today and stocked in our store!

Our team consists of Owner Rod, Manager Josh, and Assistant Manager Cameron. As we get to know each other, we build a personal relationship with every customer to make it more of a home-like feeling. We want to make you smile and feel great as you take this huge leap in life to quit using tobacco products. We are here to support you on your journey with whatever it takes.

Vape Happy!